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*Sold* Hobbyhorse "Briar Rose"

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"Briar Rose" is a unique piece of artisan handcraft. Only one is ever made!

Size S, weight 700 g, stick 42 cm. Tack is not included, but can be bought separately. Tack size: Pony. Please note the tack might require adjusting to fit your horse perfectly. Instructions here. If you want the tack already adjusted and tacked on, you can request it in the comments of your order.

Eponi hobbyhorses are made strong and durable , but they may include long manes, buckles and other parts that might present a choking hazard if chewed on, and should be kept away from pets and small children.

This hobbyhorse can be pre-purchased before the official sale date for 452 euros plus VAT (where applied). Email at paula@eponi.fi if you are interested!