Hobbyhorse by Eponi

About Eponi Hobbyhorses

Eponi hobbyhorses have been handcrafted since 2016 by the Finnish hobbyhorse artisan Paula Kutvonen, with commitment to making the finest hobbyhorses in the world.

Far removed from simple toys, these horses are almost real.

They fulfill dreams of your own horse, one you can ride, compete and have adventures with.

All Eponi hobbyhorses are unique individuals, with their own name, birthday, and register Id you can see in the public Eponi Hobbyhorse Registry. Owners can also change and add information on their horses' records! There are now Eponi owners all over the world, and many of them return to get a second, third... Some collectors own more than a dozen of Eponi horses!

Eponi hobbyhorses are made from quality materials to ensure durability. If you treat your horse well, you'll have a friend for life! All horses are delivered ready to use, stuffed and with the stick attached. The stick can be removed and replaced if necessary. The sticks have a non-toxic varnish/wax finish and fabric dyes are safe. Hobbyhorse sizes vary a great deal, see "Choosing the Right Hobbyhorse" for more information. Tack is not included unless specified.

Eponi hobbyhorses are artist crafts made for hobbyists and collectors, they are not toys. Even though they are made for active use, they include long manes, buckles and other parts that present a choking hazard, and should be kept away from pets and small children.

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