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Choosing the Right Hobbyhorse

When trying to choose a hobbyhorse, it's good to consider how it will be used, and how tall and strong the rider is. In the end it always comes down to personal preference, but in general smaller and lighter horses are used in show jumping, while bigger and heavier ones are commonly used in dressage. Small ponies are especially suitable for small riders, and medium-sized horses are good all-purpose horses. Extra large horses are best for the stronger, older riders. Very long luxury manes are beautiful on show horses, though not always practical while jumping.

Eponi hobbyhorse sizes vary a great deal, from a little XS pony to the big and heavy XL. Foals and miniatures are even smaller than the regular horses. They are meant to be mascots and collectibles, and they are too small for riding.

The weight of Eponi hobbyhorses usually vary between half a kilo to a kilo. If you already have a stable of hobbyhorses, it's a good idea to find out how much they weight to determine what's the ideal weight range for you, as this is very individual.

Below you can see reference photos of different sizes next to an A4 standard paper sheet. Please note these pictures are only very general examples and rough estimates. Each hobbyhorse is an individual, and their shapes, thickness, and manes make a difference in their appearance and weight.

Eponi Hobbyhorse Size XS


Eponi Hobbyhorse Size S


Eponi Hobbyhorse Size M


Eponi Hobbyhorse Size L


Eponi Hobbyhorse Size XL


hobbyhorse foal