Hobbyhorses - Going Beyond Just Toys!

Hobbyhorses have been known to exist at least since the Middle Ages, but in recent years their popularity has exploded --and not just as a children's toy, but as a hobby for all ages! Hobbyhorsing has grown into an organized sport and a hobby within a decade. An entire world of hobbyhorsing is run by a close-knit community of enthusiasts (most of them teenage girls, but all ages and genders are involved), including competitions, training camps, shows and coaching for those who aim for the annual hobbyhorse championships. Even though hobbyhorse riding can be competitive, the hobby itself is free-form and accepting of all ways to enjoy hobbyhorses. Some hobbyists are less interested in riding and concentrate more on photography, showing, collecting and making hobbyhorses, or creating hobbyhorse music videos. Hobbyhorsing is a fantastic hobby of exercise, creativity, and imagination!

Even though the media has portrayed hobbyhorsing as a Finnish fad, it is an established hobby that's just lately started to gain enough momentum to be noticed, and it's not just Finland where it's all happening. Hobbyhorsing has gained a following all across the world, and its popularity is still on the rise. Hobbyhorsing is here to stay!