• Worldwide shipping!
  • Worldwide shipping!

How to Buy a Hobbyhorse

All sales are done directly through this site. You can see the Hobbyhorses section for horses that are currently available, coming soon for sale, and recently sold out. If you can't find what you are looking for, please come back later to check out new releases.

All Eponi hobbyhorses have been created by a single artist, and each one takes many hours to make. Only a couple of new hobbyhorses are born every week. Every horse is unique; once it has been sold, it's gone --and many are gone within minutes of coming for sale. Therefore it's a good idea to plan your purchases ahead!

New releases are usually announced once a week (possibly more often during November-December) on the official Eponi Instagram account. Unfortunately sale notices cannot be sent individually, as there are many people looking forward to getting their own horse. It's first come, first served! The best way to ensure you won't miss out is to follow the Instagram account and turn on post notifications, so you'll know as soon as something new is available. The new releases can be purchased through the Hobbyhorses section of this site. The horses come for sale at different, unannounced times to give people at different time zones a chance to buy.

Once new horses have been revealed, it's also possible to pre-purchase them before it's official sale date. If you want to pre-purchase a hobbyhorse, please contact via e-mail at paula@eponi.fi. Note that the price for pre-sales is higher than on release date, you can find the pre-sale price listed in the horse's product page along with other info. All prices are non-negotiable.

Most horses are sold without tack, but you can buy it separately here. You can find the horse's tack size from its product info.

Payments are processed by Klarna (where applicable) or Paypal. I have no access to your payment or banking information. If you have questions or problems with your payments, please contact the customer support of the payment service provider you have used. Shipping is done by Finnish postal service and normally it can take anything from a few days to up to a month to arrive. You can email at paula@eponi.fi if you want to suggest an alternative shipping method, but please do this before placing an order.

Prices are listed in euros. If you want to see the prices in another currency, you can use a currency converter. Please note that the prices you see in this shop (including shipping) include value-added tax (VAT). By default, the listed prices include VAT with the Finnish rate (24%), but you will pay with the rate of your own country. To see the prices correctly, change the delivery country on the drop-down menu at the bottom of the page into your country. If you are living in a country which doesn't collect VAT (i.e. outside the EU), it will be removed from the total. You might be responsible for paying import taxes/duties when your order arrives.

International Shipping

Shipping is available worldwide. Shipping costs depend on your country:

  • 10€ to: Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
  • 15€ to: Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg , Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria
  • 20€ to: Cyprus, France, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Greece, Monaco, Romania
  • 25€ to: the rest of the world.

Note: these are approximate shipping costs. The final cost is calculated at checkout after you have entered your address, but before you have confirmed the order.

Do you have questions?

Don't hesitate to send email at paula@eponi.fi