Custom Commission Hobbyhorse (deposit payment only) ***READ DESCRIPTION FULLY BEFORE ORDERING***

300.00 €

incl. VAT, plus delivery
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Commissions are available to order only occasionally. New open commission slots will be announced on the Eponi Instagram account.

You can commission a custom-made hobbyhorse with your own specifications. You can choose every feature of your horse, or send your own drawings or photos or a real horse as reference! As you make your order, you will make a down payment that will be refunded to you if you choose to cancel your order. The final price will depend on your chosen features, and the rest of it will be paid in full when the horse is ready and you have approved it. Deposit will be deducted from the final price. A basic medium-sized horse (without tack) will cost approx. 500€ plus postage. You can also ask for a price estimation for your project before paying a deposit by e-mail to

This is how you order:

After paying the deposit, send e-mail to with your wishes:

  • Size XS to XL, foal, or miniature
  • Breed or type (for example warmblood, draft horse)
  • Coat and mane color
  • Mane color and other features (for example a mohair mane is possible in select colors)
  • Eye color (unpainted black is also an option)
  • Face markings
  • Patterns (for example spots, dapples)
  • Painted shading and detailing (simple or realistic)
  • Nostrils (simple or realistic)
  • Tack
  • Name for the horse (for the Registry)
  • Other wishes

If you have reference pictures, attach them to your e-mail. If the pictures are photos of a real horse, please send several pictures that clearly show the coat color, head and neck shape, and possible markings in full.

After sending your e-mail you will receive a price estimate. We can work out more details and choose materials together. After both have approved the project plan and the final price, I will begin work that will take a few weeks. Please make sure you have the money to pay the rest of the price before I start the work.

When the project is close to complete, I will send you photos of my progress. You can still suggest changes at this point, but they might effect the final price and the time it takes to finish the horse. If you approve the finished horse, you will receive a link to a web store link where you can pay for shipping and the rest of the price. If you don't accept the finished horse, it will come for an open sale at the web store. Please note that cancelling your order might affect your chances of getting another commission from me.

Please note the following:

  • I only make unique, one-of-a-kind horses, so I can't make a copy of a horse I've made previously. I also won't make copies of hobbyhorses made by other people.
  • All fabrics and mane yarns are not always available, and the color choices are always limited. In most cases it's not possible to get the exact same shade of color as in reference pictures.
  • I will try my best to finish commissions quickly, but projects might be delayed due to illness etc.
  • If the horse you order looks so unique that it would be impossible or very hard to sell to anyone else, I might ask you to pay it in full before it's finished. These orders can't be cancelled.